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AdTag combines mobile technology and advertising intelligence analytics to measure and increase the ROI of advertising expenditure in a real-time environment. AdTag’s proprietary technologies consist of:

  • Real-Time AdNalytics storehouse
  • Mobile message management platform
  • Mobile Ad serving engine
  • Lead generation module
  • Reward allocation engine

AdNalytics Storehouse

AdTag’s capability to boost sales from traditional advertisements starts with its web-based real-time AdNalytics storehouse. It provides advertisers and their advertising agencies with the ability to continually track the effectiveness of each advertisement and take the necessary action to increase sales derived directly from advertisements.

Granular data is captured real-time from consumer response and compiled through AdTag’s proprietary web-based analytical engine. Each client has 24/7 access to its own set of data via a secure interface. Results are graphically displayed through dynamic eye-catching charts.

AdTag’s rigorous quantitative and analytical processes provide advertisers with detailed insights and the ability to re-strategize their media placements even mid-campaign. In comparison conventional methods take 6 – 8 weeks to measure the results of a campaign and are often conducted after the conclusion of each campaign thus limiting advertisers from taking proactive measures to optimize their advertisement investment.

Companies use the AdTag historical storehouse to evaluate campaigns based on media, size, color, type, dates and creative content. In-depth real-time advertising analytics storehouse is seldom offered by AdTag’s competitors.

Mobile Message Management Platform

Advertisers have direct online access to self-configure and manage response messages to be sent to consumers based on their demographic profile and advertised product. Different messages can be sent for each day of the week.

Mobile Ad Serving Engine

AdTag’s proprietary automated response engine serves different message types based on pre-defined business rules and consumers’ demographic profile.

Unlike most mobile advertising platforms that send advertisements to a list of pre-subscribed (opt-in) users, AdTag only serves mobile advertisements to consumers each time they solicit a direct response. AdTag’s “pull” advertising methodology yields more active engagement and higher lead conversion.

Lead Generation Module

Prospects can trigger additional information from advertisers in the form of automated mobile responses (Text, MMS, Audio, Video & Call Backs) from AdTag’s Permission Based lead generation platform.

Reward Allocation engine

The AdTag system includes a multi-tier random reward allocation engine that distributes pre-loaded generic and advertisers’ rewards to consumers for single and multiple campaigns.

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