Benefits to Consumers

  • Real-time access to advertisers’ product information and promotional offers.
  • Simple communication via consumers’ mobile device.
  • No SPAM.
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Value to Advertisers

  • Increase in consumers (prospects and future buyers) who see and respond to advertisements.
  • Retain readers’ attention on each advertisement space.
  • Immediate lead generation and higher sales conversion.
  • Real-time measurement to continually monitor the Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI) of advertising expenditure. Conventional methods (surveys) usually take 6-8 weeks to measure the results for traditional media
  • Automatically capture consumers’ interests through:
  • The brand’s advertisements
  • Branded mobile message
  • Online Access to a 24/7 analytics storehouse that keeps historical and existing consumer response towards advertisements and campaigns.
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Sample AdNalytics Results

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