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Consumer centric mobile communication and interactivity is at the core of what we do everyday. We have been designing and implementing innovative mobile activated solutions for multi-nationals like McDonald's to local event organizers since 2003.

The continuous exponential usage of mobile devices across the world has spurred B2C companies to adopt mobile marketing strategies as an effective way to reach consumers. Most companies engage their agencies to add mobile in their marketing mix. However, few agencies have expertise in mobile marketing and even fewer can deliver on mobile consumer engagement.

Today, C-Tag Media offers a one-stop shop service combining mobile activated solutions and creative services. We leverage on our proprietary technologies, limitless creativity and consumer behavior know-how in forging integrated mobile marketing plans. We help our clients in reaching mass consumers, in delivering one-to-one engagement and most importantly in converting interests into sales. Our solutions are deployable worldwide and are designed to reach across the entire mobile user population.

    We continue to rollout complementary innovative mobile applications such as:
  • In-store voucher redemption, verification & reconciliation
  • Mobile-to-Web store sales consolidation & reporting

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